Bigg Boss 14 Start Date, Contestants & House Info

BIGG BOSS 14 Overview:

BIGG BOSS is the reality television game Show on colours -tv in India
hosted by SALMAN KHAN from season 6 to till now, biggest opportunity
for bigg boss shows and also Colors-tv & Voot Live.

This is the biggest popular show from all others at the time when it started,
only not popular in India but their biggest fans are in all over the world. If
we talk about the history of the bigg-boss, 1st season started november 3,
2006 on Sony entertainment television hosted by ARSHAD WARSI.

Similarly next season was aired on the color-tv, hosted by SHILPA
SHETTY. In this way five seasons of bigg Boss were hosted by different
super stars.

But in season 6 SALMAN KHAN appear 1st time for hosting,
it was a big change for bigg boss history and many people said that ‘ ’bigg
boss platform is a body and salman khan its spirit’’ and that’s why it is
the biggest reality and most popular show in all the world.


Bigg Boss 14

Bigg Boss 14 is set to Start From October 2020.

After the ending of bigg-boss13, which was a super duper hit from all the
seasons, now people are waiting for Bigg Boss 14 All Episodes and hope for the best
entertainment reality show.

According to the recent reports of the media, it has been decided to include
the commoners again.First time commoners participated in bigg-boss
season-10, and changed the history by winning the bigg boss final trophy
and 50lac .almost they participated in season-11, 12 but in season-13
strategy changed and they were not allowed.

but again in season-14 wants to get a big change. So Watch Bigg Boss 14 Online
opened its doors for commoners.

Online Auditions started at the end of june or in the starting week of july,
these are held for the commoners not for the celebrities. But it may be
delayed due to current critical situations of COVID-19 but it may be shown
very soon. If we talk about the grand finale, then only five contestants have
to move on. But in the same way the grand finale is held in feb 2021.


( commoners+celebrities)

BIGG BOSS-14 comes with both commoners and celebrities. Commoners
are common people. Maybe five or six commoners participated. So there is
a big difference b/w season 13 and season 14 due to the involvement of
common people, but season 13 consists only of celebrities.


Some celebrities’ names are in front which participates in bigg boss-14.
Like Devoleena, Chetna Pande, Karan Kundra, Jasmine Bhasin, Aalisha
Panwar, Arushi Dutta etc.

All of these are famous stars of industry from different serials, films, &
different t.v shows and a big number of fans waiting for them. From all of
them ‘DEVOLEENA’ participated again in season 14.

She also appeared in season 13 but due to some health problem, she left season 13
during the journey. & the most important name which is participated,
brother’s of shehnaz gill, SHAHBAZ BADESHA. This man is also a full
entertainer like his sis shehnaz gill, so we can say that Bigg Boss 14 Latest Episodes will
be full of enjoyment, entertainment and fun.

These two contestants are already a part of bigg boss season 13.
Devoleena was also contestant but shahbaz was come as a sporter for his
sis for one week, but he much entertained the bigg boss house and salman
khan impressed very much by his behaviour and at that time select him for
bigg boss-14.


● Only indian are allowed for bigg boss.
● All the contestants must be eighteen years old.
● Id card, birthday certificate, school leaving certificate, voter ID card,
and PAN card etc must be required.


How to apply?

Due to the critical situation of COVID-19, it is decided that all the process of
bigg boss 14 will be held online like auditions and their registration. So the
question is, how to apply for Bigg Boss 14? so don’t worry, it’s not a
big deal. Different websites & apps are available for online registration.
Like download

● Voot app

For online registration. but remember that it is allowed only for indian

This reality show is based on the big brother show format, it was 1st
pressed in the Netherlands.


Bigg boss house is full of jay, fun and entertainment.according to the recent
reports that bigg boss-14 house changed into ‘’ jungle theme.’’ For this
purpose, bigg boss house arrangements are at their peak in mumbaai and
hope that this house looks so amazing and reliable for the house members.
when different tasks performed by different teams, their behaviours totally
changed with each other for little time & sometimes till end.


● Hold itself in bigg boss house.
● Mobile phones, laptop and tv etc are not allowed in bigg boss house
for 100 days and i think it’s a big task for all the contestants.
● Only one screen is available for communication purposes between
the house members and salman khan.

That’s why bigg boss is the reality show because their rules are very strict
for the contestants, they are not allowed to talk with their parents, other
family members and friends,they are not allowed to move out of bigg boss
house till the grand finale.


Shukla Winner bb13

Bigg boss 13 was held on 29 september 2019 on colors-tv hosted by

The final schedule was for the january, but the popularity of this show was
on top, so by seeing popularity of the show, it was extended for five weeks,
in this way season-13 was the longest season among all.

Grand finale of this season was held on 15 feb SIDHARTH
SHUKLA was announced as the winner and ASIM RIAZ as the
runner up.

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